Sticky: Wet Pussy: I Felt Like XXX Flesh for the Beast

Brad and I didn’t know each other for a very long time. Actually, we didn’t really talk much. The only thing that we had in common was the amazing and mind-blowing sex. He discovered my kink, just like he could smell it in the air. I wasn’t that open about my secret desires, but with him, I spilled them all out instantly. I always longed to be dominated and depersonalized during sex. My wet pussy was ready for new experience.

Hot Pussy

Brad was an excellent master for me as he was insatiable in bed and I felt as if I was just the flesh for the beast for him. From time to time, he even made movies about us fucking, so that he can show them to me afterwards and make me see how hard he fucked me and how helpless I was. It was all part of our vagina game.

I would come to him and he would strip me down, tape my mouth and tie me to bed. He wouldn’t fuck me right away, but he would walk around his house, drink some whiskey and look at me. In time, he would awake the fucking beast in him and he would just throw himself at me. He would slap me around a bit and then force his cock inside my pussy.

Usually, my pussy wasn’t wet yet, but he wouldn’t mind. The fact that it hurt me a bit and that it resisted, turned him on even more. After my pussy would adjust to his mad fucking, he would untie me, turn me on my stomach and do the same thing with my ass.

I always dreaded that moment as it can be very painful, but by the time he stuck his dick up my butthole, I would already so crazy with ecstasy that I wouldn’t mind the pain at all. Actually, the pain made it all far better. The best thing that he would do is to fuck me up my ass doggy style while grabbing my hair and pulling it back, so that I just have to arch my back in a way that I have to stick my ass up.

The other thing that I also liked is when he would get out his toys. He had this big butt plug that he loved using on me. That was really ecstatic experience. With a plug up my butt and his cock in my pussy, he would reach all the way to my mouth with his hands and pull me back while fucking me. I would be helpless and I would be totally reduced to the flesh for the beast that was my lover.

Now, when I look at the videoclips that we have made, I cannot help it but to feel a little bit nostalgic about it. I don’t think that anybody understood my kind and my needs as well as Brad did, although we never really talked about it. I am not hoping that I’ll be able to meet another ruthless lover like he was. For additional information, you can check that Eronavt Wet Pussy Movies in HD.